Thursday, June 1, 2017

Welcome to the K & D B&B!!!!

With our K & D B&B officially opening for guests in Paris, France on March 6, 2017, we have enjoyed almost three months of continual bookings. Our delightful and distinguished guest list includes:

Our guests' bedroom
Flower boxes add color to your stay

Gordon and Jackie Lambert (March 6-21): although these adventurous travelers only used our B&B at the beginning and end of their time in Paris, they were a great beginning to our B&B experience and our time with them was treasured, indeed.

We received word that the huge construction fences around the temple would be down for about an hour, if we wanted to come see the temple unobstructed. We did! So the four of us jumped in the car and drove to the temple site. Seeing it for the first time was glorious--and who better to share it with than our dear brother- and sister-in-law?

It's so fun to share some of the joys of our mission life with people we love!

Games and French pastries

Image result for french pastries

We were pleasantly surprised that these first guests to our B&B left an unsolicited review that would surely serve to encourage others to come!
"Dear Management of the K&D B&B--

Our experience at this First Class B&B has been above and beyond anything we have heretofore experienced. Not only did it come with fabulous breakfasts, it came with delicioso dinners of every type! The overseers worked very hard and were so pleasant, including prayers! We recommend the K&D B&B to anyone! XOXO --Gordon and Jackie, Midway, UT
P.S. They even sent treats with us!" 

So we were open for business--more visitors and more fun! During the time the Lamberts were with us, we also welcomed the Smith family from Gilbert, AZ. Although our B&B is only designed to accommodate two visitors at a time, the Smiths were willing to sleep on the living room couch and on air mattresses on the living room floor. It was a PAH-TAY!!!!! and we loved every minute of it.
Doug, Karen, sister Tiffani Smith, Gordon, Jackie, and Tim Smith
The day after the Lamberts and Smiths left, we quickly washed bedding and towels, tidied up a bit, and were happy to welcome Karen's dear friend Michele Carr to our humble B&B. She was very self-sufficient, having lived in France and then returning many times, so she took off  to explore in the mornings after we left for the mission office and then we met up again for dinner in the evenings. Karen did take one afternoon off work at the bureau to join Michele at "Cookin' With Class"--French Pastries Cooking Class in Paris. Fun and yum!

Our culinary creations--I shared them with a very eager and discriminating Frenchman, our mission president, President Babin, He verified that they were deliciously 100% French

Two days after saying "Bon Voyage" to my wonderful friend, we welcomed our next guests: The Chris and Krista Wells family (including Gabriel, Eve, and Adelaide) from American Fork, Utah. How wonderful to have our kids and grandkids with us for two weeks!


In the English words of one of my favorite native French speakers:  "They are well arrived!"

Recover from jet lag? No way. 
First stop: Disneyland Paris (Grandma was there but was taking the picture)

Next stop: La Tour Eiffel

We went to the top--Krista and Gabe climbed the stairs as far as allowed and beat us to the bottom by doing the stairs again.

The Eiffel Tower AND crepes--welcome to France!
Family home evening object lesson

"OUR" wonderful missionaries whom we serve closely with in the office due to their assignments as assistants and "Versailles Elders"--a.k.a. our rays of sunshine on difficult days, our support system, our "Who-ya-gonna-call" team, and our heros. They are amazing young men and we love them dearly.
Very good sports playing "Speak Out!" with dental appliances in their mouths.
Like I said, they do anything and everything we "need" and do it with a smile.
Bisous to Elder Griffith,  Elder Richards, Elder Larsen, Elder Blosil and Elder Cummings.

Monet's Gardens at Giverny--one of my favorite places in France (with some of my favorite people)

Our very favorite place in France--the France Paris Temple

Grandpa the Gardener with his flowers
(the ones he planted  behind him are pretty special, too)

We loved the Wells's visit!

I'm so thankful for the knowledge that families can be together forever.

Soon after the Wells left us, we were glad more friends and family came to help us overcome our instant homesickness. Although some of them didn't stay at our B & B, we loved spending time with them and enjoying wonderful French food together.

Sylvia Contesse and her daughter Valerie Umiglia came to the B&B for a few days soon after the Wells left. Thank goodness they both speak perfect English and are willing to include me in their fun conversations. We had so much fun with them. Many years ago (50-ish), Doug wrote the music and Sylvia wrote the lyrics to ten or so primary songs that were later published in the old French Les Enfants Chantent,(The Children Sing). Two of their songs are in the 1997 Primary Children's Songbook. Check them out here: Doug and Sylvia's song about prayer:
Now we want to pray;
We must therefore prepare ourselves
Let's fold our arms, let's close our eyes,
We will talk with God.

Today children
Are nicer than the other days.
They make gifts and speeches,
For it is the celebration of mothers.
I have known for a long time
That to prove my love to her,
I must be good every day--
And not just today.

Such sweet primary songs. It was wonderful for me to get to spend time with these beautiful, talented women and Doug's (now mine, too) dear friends.

A few weeks later Sylvia and Valerie were able to return for the Cultural Celebration and the Temple dedication. That same weekend (the B&B was overbooked, again), Brigitte Boutin and her daughter Sophie came as well. Doug baptized Brigitte's family when he was a young missionary in the early 1960's. Brigitte was only seven years old so he didn't baptize her, but they have stayed in touch. It was an incredible day to be with these French and Swiss pioneer women for the dedication of the long-awaited temple.
Valerie, Brigitte and Sophie Boutin, me, Doug, and Sylvia
Doug with cousin Betty Demars who came to France with her husband Kent and two other couples. They took us to one of our favorite restaurants "Le Boeuf a la Mode" in Versailles. We enjoyed the evening so much and loved being a part of their friendship and shared travel adventures.

It's always a delight and an uplifting, spiritual experience when the Proctors are in town! We were so happy Scot and Maurine (Meridian Magazine) found time in their incredibly busy schedule to enjoy dinner with us at "Au Chien Qui Fume," (The Smoking Dog)--one of Doug's classic restaurants from 50 or so years ago. Scot and Maurine were here just before the temple open house to glean wonderful information on the building of the temple. Check out their week-long series of articles (one with Doug's gardening story What We Do For Love) at Paris France Temple
Me, Doug, Maurine, and Scot Proctor at Au Chien Qui Fume in Paris
So, with the K & D B&B in full swing, the spring and summer flew by quickly. Many more amazing and much-loved guests arrived in May and June. Tune in soon for "Welcome to the K & D B&B Part Deux." 
 We would LOVE to add
YOU to our list of honored